Tuesday, August 29, 2017


For our coming book  together with Deborah Brooks Langford !

Little Girl Tears
Staring down the senselessness
feeling her childish ways
She was a little girl in a big bad world�distant toll nagging�in these roller coaster years~
Sanguine breezes
winding hearts
roads that are binding
follow the yellow line~
water pours from crying eyes
closing her eyes and dreams
holding to her brother
waiting for the war to end~
one hot summers day
the river got a little bit bigger
with tears of one little girl
hoping things will change ~
Crying many a tears
from so many years
as she grew older through scars
of old~
Years past oh so fast
little girl remembers the tears
as she finds love on the hope
of an angel wings~
Little girl dance through life
following her heart to find love
little girl and her tears
grow old~
Dont waste a single day
a lonely night
little girl
dont waste your life
just have faith and allow a little tear~
Debbie Brooks@

Those innocent years rippling onto my thougths..
The longing of love has wrapped my sentiments..
Where were those cares that made me feel so secured?
It was gone away casted with the travelling winds of destiny
That only the ample cobwebs of memories were left..
These tears coming from the window of my eyes..streaming down
Dreaming if I could  just bring back those days when I was a little child
I would love to experience how would it feel to have no one  who cares..
And in my naiveness I would shed Iittle tears and sweats of sacrifice
to be able to  find all the resources to be alive...
Better that prayers have saved me and life has taught me..pains gave me strength..
Now.. is it not yet too late to share the lessons of life?
It would be good at times to throw our young ones into a deep ocean to teach them how to survive..

Helen Sarita@


THANK You James Cairns for translating Mine and Helen Sarita and Susan Joyner-Stumpf Poem 'DON'T MAKE ME CRY" in  French

Deborah et Hélène: Une collaboration d’âmes

Tes paroles me font pleurer

 Il y avait une fois
 C’était toi
 Ce n’était pas difficile
 C’était beau
 Maintenant c’est dur, si lourd
 Sans valeur
 Et le temps s’arrête

Laisse-moi pleurer
Laisse-moi sentir
Que dois-je faire d’autre
Tant que nous continuons
Chantant la même chanson?

Les paroles me viennent difficilement
Je n’arrive plus à écrire
 Mais je sais que je peux pleurer
 Et je pleurs
 Je suis l’être
 Que j’ai toujours été

Capable d’être
Ta meilleure amie
 Je suis là pour toi
 Ne me laisses pas pleurer...


Maintenant je pense
Comment puis-je faire
 Ce bel arc-en-ciel

Et je pense plus fort
 Je voudrais que tu passes des journées
 Saches que dans ta tristesse
 Je pleure aussi dans ta solitude
 J’aimerais te porter que du bonheur

Cette joie
 Pourquoi on nous l’a volée?
 Mon ange, où est partie cette joie?
 Puis-je m’occuper de tes douleurs
 En t’envoyant mon amour, la lumière de mon âme
 Pour guérir une tristesse pour toujours?

Dis-moi ce qu’il faut faire?
 A moi aussi les paroles ne viennent pas facilement
 Mais j’essaie de les retrouver
 Pour te dire combien je t’aime


Mon Coeur ne battait
Qu’aux rythmes de ton amour foudroyant
Pourrais-je vivre sans ce sourire?
Sans cette touche ferme sur un visage fragile?

Où je me dirige maintenant
Sans le seule homme
Qui m’a fait découvrir ce monde?
Et maintenant je suis brisée
En morceaux autour de toi
Mes larmes brouillent une vision de joie
Mes rêves tombent autour d’un ciel
Dénué de bleu . . .

Libérez-moi, mon Seigneur
Il ne reste que
Des blessures si profondes
Que même les océans rugissent
Même l’horizon me repousse
Je ne sens plus cette étreinte,
La vie, telle que je l’ai connue, est-elle finie?
C’est comme cela, une vie sans étoiles?

Il n’y a que le néant qui me voit, qui me sent ~ ~
Que les mains chaudes ne me touchent pas
Mon être, il est devenu éternellement froid . . .

Susan Joyner-Stumpf
My collaboration with Deborah Brooks Langford!

It used to be
Used to be you
Used to be so easy
To be so lovely
Now it feels ugly
Feels so worthless
As time stands still..

Can I cry now
Can I feel now
I don't know what else to do
As we go skipping along...

I don't write with big words
I can barely write at all
But I know this I can feel
I can cry
I am still human
I am still me..
I can be your best friend
I will stand by you
But don t make me cry..


I am thinking so much
how can I bring back
that so beautiful rainbow
into your sight again glow
I am thinking so much
to make your day a blast
Please know, in your sadness,
I also cry..In your loneliness
I love to bring delight..

Why was your happiness
had been stolen away?
Angel, where was your glee?
Can I take care of those pains
by sending you love and light
to heal your great dismay?

Tell me what I need to do..
I have lost my words, I know
But I am trying to find it back
To express how much I love you..

Helen Sarita

There was never my heartbeat
Without your thundering Love
Can I live without that smile
Your rugged touch against my fragile face?

Where do I go from here
If not with the one man
Who made me a part of this world
And I’m in pieces now
Scattered around you
Tears blurring such vision of joy
Dreams dying around a sky
Devoid of blue . . .

Oh Lord, take me
There’s nothing left but
Wounds so deep the ocean roars
Can’t see over the horizon
His embrace now gone, is life as I Knew it, over?
Is this how it feels to be star-less?

Only oblivion can see me, feel me ~ ~
Warm hands touch me not, for I am frozen . . .
~ Susan Joyner-Stumpf

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Helen Sarita and I are on poem 13. Getting closer to our worldwide book.. This write is called "Sea of Love"    I will read this on Facebook Live this week..... Cheers to our future book....

Sea of Love

We met one day on a sandy white shore
Full of blue waves and pretty white seagulls
The sand was so exotic
Exotic as you
We walked and walked
Telling sweet romantic stories
And singing love songs to each other
We were fully in love
Enjoying the scenery that was so perfect
A tropical beach just for us
The time was so right
And so was our love
We danced
And drank posh wine
Looked at each other deeply
Never missing a beat
I truly felt you in my heart and soul
You were my lady
My love
The one I wanted for the rest of my days
We had a great time
Walked along the beach
As the sun was about to set
We saw God’s great beauty he created
And the beauty of love we created in each other hearts
I knew from that time, love would live in us forever
Nothing could stop it
Because love is a gift
A gift we found on that special beach
Making us Soulmates
To live
To Love
To always be there for each other
To live out as many romantic times as possible
Because our love would shine into the night
To always stay bright
And to never diminish
Because our love we found on that beach
Was a Treasure For Two

By: Daniel Franklin


The ebbs splashing  to the shore were like music to our souls
The cold  breeze to us whispers, sounds a sweet symphony as it blares
We danced with the romantic sounds we had in our imagination
You and me  were drowned with our sweet and deep sensation
Our heartbeat  became faster as we continued to dance with so much grace
Perfectly in timing with the sounds of an excited blissful  waves
We waltzed with our magical dance steps
That brought us to the horizon soaring on that velvety clouds
Celebrating the truest sense of love dispelling all the futile doubts
You and I became stars of devotion upon the brightest skies
And we've gotten back down to the shore flying like flyfires
We enjoyed walking back on that beach as the stars brightened our shadows
The moonlight  shimmered unto us with its bright crimson hues
That speak into our hearts  while we looked into each other eyes merry and glad
We created our own romantic silhouette along the shore in the sea of love

By: Helen Sarita

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The Fabric of my life

I gave to you my heart, my soul
Because I love you dear
I never questioned right or wrong
For you were always here
So I proposed the marriage vows
In hope you'd be my wife
I told you who you are to me
The fabric of my life

You are a fine mate of my soul
Loving me without condition
You took away my tears of sorrow
With love's one true rendition
Come take me let us be as one
I will love you til the end
Bring me to the wonderland
Where soul mates do descend
We've seen Heaven in its glory
In many different ways
We've both seen hell and some things gory
Whilst together all our day's
We have danced and shared in laughter
We've cried tearsin times of pain
In the strength of one and other
We would do it all again

I am filled with Heaven's passion
Blissful in life's joy
You're my lust, my dream, my confidence
The owner of my sigh
You're the strength I lost in times gone by
But you waltzed into my life
Made me the woman I longed to be
Your one eternal wife

Take my hand my darling
We'll walk life's rugged roads
With the world we'll share our laughter
And lighten many loads
For the universe above us
Will watch us both each night
As we embrace in loves true passion
Beneath the pale moonlight

A collaboration by Helen Sarita and John Kavanagh
(C) 18/07/2017
All Rights Reserved by both authors.
Written for The poets Attic.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


When will be the right time?

My pen cries to utter what my heart silently murmurs
Would it  cover what my thoughts wished to speak for?
Would there be an ending of this abyss of distress that somehow would change to unity and happiness?
Would be the writers inks have enough power to transform  the dusk into  love and light vastness?
Nothing impossible...that's the believers are standing for..
Would be the little ink left in our pens will show its own essence?
Would be the calling of our passion be also a part to unite nations?
Can we speak out not to bash but an access of peace?
Why can't we pray for every race, culture  and belief?
That we aren't here to fight and towards each principle, we do have respect
That whenever we talk softly and not harshly, we can mellow down hatreds
That it is a futile to use our fingers to point out others faults or mistakes
Why we are so inclined  to side with whom we stand for?
It's time to look for the lives of our brethren and not to feed our hunger of power as we  dwell on earth just temporarily
That whether we like it or not, we will leave this place bringing nothing and handling empty
Why we cant understand that all might be almost right and all might be also wrong?
There are no sides from our sights which are completely bright  and gloom
There'll be always a way to find our equilibrium
Why we can't go out and be an instrument for unity and oneness?
For us to fight this apocalypse we are facing at the moment and we'll continue to be facing if we won't ask for Wisdom and deep Faith..
My heart is yearning in ardent, how about  yours?
I strongly believe we can have  our share whatever our status in life, we may be rich or poor..
As those people who are blind now can be a temple of love in the future..
If we wont start it now, then when will be the right time?
Love and sacrifice for once, the world is needing us
Show  your talents not only in a contest but in a context of unselfishness
Let us be a source of love in the form of Art our one God has bestowed upon us.

Helen Sarita
(c) June 2017
All right reserved

Friday, May 19, 2017


Thank you my beloved children...

I am so greatly happy on this mothers day
Your messages of love overwhelmed me
It’s like a sweet caress carried by a  gleeful breeze
A  whisper to my ears how much you all care

To my lovely sons and their pretty wives
I dream your love day by day will rise
Happy to see you all in peace and harmony
Nothing I could ask for more, it’s a glory

To my beautiful and smart daughter Shek
Thank you for making me proud and great
Do not  pressure much of yourself
God has prepared for you the best

To my young gentleman, my little King
Thanks for your sweet voice this morning
The fortune of yours is now kindly lingering
Just continue  to be  smart and be loving

To my wonderful and sweet angel in  heaven
Sushmita Rose is your beautiful name
I don’t know why my tears flow this very moment
I just miss you , thank you for greeting me in silent..

Helen Sarita

Friday, April 14, 2017


YOU are the most beautiful rose
even if its blue
dont ever think your not
your beauty out shines us all..

You are an Angel in disguise
You see I  met an angel I looked into her eyes
I saw a vision of love that pierces
beauty she truly was I saw
comfort and compassion for all....

This Angel sings
a song of inspiration
the words as I close my eyes...

Dreams a melody of joyfulness
I met an angel that smiled brightly
in amazement I did stand
glowing as I looked into her eyes....

This Angel is one of my best friends
always so happy
ready to pray for me
at a drop of a hat....

And I Love this Angel for that.....

My sweet Helen....