Monday, January 1, 2018


16th Poem with Daniel Franklin 

Can There Be Love Again?

We cried
We doubted ourselves
We did not know what to do
We loved each other greatly
We stood in the dark many days
But we had hope still
To maybe once again be together
Share that love
And to hold each other tenderly
So we kept in touch
And remembered that first kiss
To maybe love once again
To show the world who we were
So the rainbow would be there again
To hope there would be Love Again
Daniel Franklin~

You've taken those words from my heart  in my long silence
The moment when I reminisce those days welled down my tears
Never I lost hope in my heart, to have you once again
I continue to dream even we have doubted our love
We cried in the dark after we broke each other's  heart
Yet I can never forget  the time we've shared together 
Dreaming it will happen again  in another time, another year 
The smile on your face are still so fresh in my mind
Your sweetness once I remember,  paint my face a smile
I smell your scent being carried by the breeze in so many miles
I wish the rainbow to appear once more after the rain 
And you'll come in surprise to ask me, can there be Love again? 

Helen Sarita


Welcome 2018!!

Listening to the pulse of my heart as year near to pass
Letting my thoughts to review what this year spoke to us
Moments always have its own ending,  never it will last
Whether life brought us good and even threw us bad
Life rolls like wheel, sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh
As I drove my own life in patience, not all things came my way
I never thought sickness would even try to visit me
Yet I have no way to whine but thank God on His perfect  plan
This year is full ,  never I wasted my time as it moved upon
I continue to put life a meaning,  I took time to inspire some friends
I put tears  of joy on their eyes , they were  glad with my presence
I shared  them  stories to delight them even for a short  time
I chatted with friends,  near and far
I talked to them with substance
I love to give them a piece of advice  behind my difficult  times
I rest when I feel tired and work back again when I feel alright
This is my life, building  a strong foundation with myself and others
Gliding myself, moving forward, believing this world is full of wonders
Every person I meet  is a great opportunity for each
Every heartfelt word glorifies our Creator's fullness
The  wellspring of life is as powerful and  deep as our trust
That God will never be tired to depict unto us His undying  love
Every good single thought is a reflection of His kindness
Welcome 2018,  it is a such a  promising year, full of surprises
The blissfulness of this year  depends on how we start it by ourselves right

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved
(c) 1/1/18

Sunday, December 24, 2017


How blessed are we this Christmas?

So many things in my mind I earnestly love to do
Things to buy in the store,  just waiting through
I wish to give gifts that will paint a smile to many faces
Yet my wallet seems thin I couldnt  give as much as I wished
I brought my sight around as I sat down in the corner alone
I realized I have  no Christmas decors inside my home
Was it because I was so busy to prepare those stuff?
Or maybe I wasnt so much excited enough this Christmas?
Where was my heart  this season of joy and love if I may ask?
I am trying  to control my tears upon evaluating my own self
Do I have to tell what  did I do to give joy to the poor children?
May we cant see display of decors sparkling in my corners
But my heart is exquisitely shining  within, with joyful tears
I am thanking  the Lord in heaven  for my blissful year
I thank the Lord for the blessing  of good thoughts
For my firmness while riding the boat of life as the river flows
For now, I feel the  deepness of Christmas and its meaning
I know I have many beautiful and inspiring stories to tell
Sharing in season and out season is the best celebration
In fullness  and incompleteness, in good health and even in illness
Let us not so much tied up ourselves with material things
Instead, look at our  poor brethren, Those who are having cancer..
Those encountering accidents on the road and anywhere
Those who are having  problem  to pay hospital  bills
The victims of war in a far countries and near
And recently the poor victims of calamities around..
Have you ever think we are so much blessed more than what we thought we were this Christmas and the whole  year round?

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved..
(c) 12/23/17


Helen Sarita and I have wrote poem 15 out of 30 toward our book...

A Love That Never Could Be..

We were so in love
Walked along Lover’s Lane
Life was good
We showed the world our love
The respect
And the will to love for life
Then the dark days came
The fights
The love was gone
And so were you
The sky turned dark
As the sun could no longer be seen
While the moon never shined another night
We were so cold
Hearts turned to stones
As u walked to the left, and I walked to the right
Unanswered questions
An empty feeling
Bu we stayed the same
No hope
No love
More tears

Daniel Franklin
All rights  reserved  by both Authors

I know no words of surrender
in the name of love
That even the darkest  skies
to us wished to cover
I am still hopeful
behind this river of tears
To you my heart
will forever beats
The past will still
be our future my love
It will never go cold
please believe me,
Feel my flame within
Listen to my heart's whisper
To love you.. I always will
Don't be confused..
After all it's not them
who wished  to break
as apart..
How can you say
this love could never be?
That it's only  you and me..
to share our innermost feeling of love
..till we breath our last

Helen Sarita


Glittering Christmas decors
we've  watched everywhere
And the jolly faces and excitement  of innocent children
The get together of families and parties anywhere
Gifts under the Christmas trees are ready to be shared

Yet Christmas is much more merrier and meaningful
When we draw ourselves to some unfortunate people
To comfort  our brethren  who  are in a state of distress
During this Season of love, joy and unselfishness

Let's be there to console those who suffer their illness
And offer them love and prayers in whatever means
Through then we can feel much the Christmas Spirit
The essence of giving is  such so much eloquent

Christmas is not expressed by a gift inside a box
How  elegant and presentable it is being wrapped
Christmas is all about the content of our hearts
To comfort the feelings of others is what we lacked

This Christmas some people's  lives are miserable
Some are in trouble due to uncontrolled emotions
We have ignored Christ is the Core of this Season
Waiting for us to call His name in any situation

Christmas be felt with pure love and forgiveness
Touching hearts, praying  for everyone's  peace
As it is a celebration of the birthday of Jesus  Christ
Let jealousy and hatred turn to love and light ..

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved
(c) 12/12/17

Christmas photos
by Deborah Brooks Langford


Collaboration written by Deborah Brooks Langford and ME  when we were having our vacation..


All women are beautiful...
It doesn't matter the color
It doesn't  matter the age
It doesn't matter the laughter
Or even the pain.

Women are go getters
That sparkle  each time
We are proud mamas
And grandma's too

Women demonstrate what values are
In the work force and home
And so many more..
Protecting family and life

Without a blink they work till their fingers bleed
Without hesitation when pain is involved
Us women walk with heads held high
And welcome our LORD GOD

Lots of memories are gained
The time the truth revealed
Until the last dying day...

Just a moment in time
Brings their hearts  to rest with each love ones
We have our dreams that is so many
Our hearts melt when we kiss thart child
A reminder of things to come...

Us women even if we  are alone
We will never be forgotten
As we stand up for justice
We lift our heads and yell


When tears flood like a river  due to so much pain..when  hearts bleed due to unrequited love deeply etched within..
Sometimes those are us women..

We women are  easily fooled and deceived... We are enraptured by men's sweetness.. We give all in terms of love and often times we forgot ourselves..
that's sometimes  us women..

Some of us truly value friendship and know how protect  our friends from untruthful  hearts.. those were kind  of sincere women we can trust

Women are believers of goodness.. We have a strong  faith..  Yet we are also full of weaknesses.. Those are us.. Women, will you accept?

Life sometimes tests our strength,  some doubt and hurt us like hell..
Yet when we keep doing what is right .. good always  prevail.

We are just women.. for some men, they see us weak but when we burst our  braveness to defend ourselves.. we are like lioness.. we roar to the loudest..

We women are women so beautiful..  We are an art of God
Our wisdom are an endowment  from heaven.. We are the most awesome gifts for men to be loved and cared.

Helen Sarita
All rights  reserved  by both Authors

Saturday, November 4, 2017


My Sunday morning here exactly 4:44 AM and it is her Saturday  night.. Our time difference is not a hindrance to sing the lullaby of our hearts..

Hanging lullaby...
(with Deborah Brooks Langford)

My thoughts were enveloped by the continuous flowing spring of commitments with no end while life is still being lived and savoured by..
The unevitable worries and rushing of time are entwined with my days as they come to me and pass by..
As I flocked my strong wings from places to helped me to see things broad and wide ..I dream that the sun will stay and will always shine its bright and its beams are always by my side..
But the globe we're dwelling in is round, it rolls against time...I can't hold the luminous beams of light leaving me..yet the moon appears at night to comfort me with its calm crimson hue..
I saw the stars competing their glitters and some became my friends too..
They were smiling at me as I slumber at night dreaming once more what is best for tomorrow..
.. while the sunshine wanders to the other side of the universe and shares its bliss to those who were of sorrow..
Alas!.. This is not my main point of view.. This is only a facade of a magical intro.. Lend me now your ears and never ever trite listening to the music of my wishful being while I am strumming the cord of my thoughts .. delving my soul ....tuning in with the melodic symphony of my spirit as my ink starts to splash its own fantastic art..
...Whilst waiting for my life's Sweet Angel to fill and complete the hanging lullaby of my heart ...

Helen Sarita


Ahhh among the hanging lullabies lies a star filled lullaby
That awakens each soul to glorious days unfold
Yet our slumbers dwell in the fore front of yours
We know the truth and possibilities the excitement
Of a life full of soul, so rich with love

My mind ushered in the stardom the laughter
But the timing eludes us
Praying one more time our paths will cross.
Our inky words spread across so many hearts
Our honest heart's that makes us so inspiring ..
Making our simple aim to write for all to know the warmth and love for just a few moments in each busy day
To reach many hearts..
Vivid images I do broach
I hope and will describe
Words of wisdom I do declare..
Magical rainbows I do ride
With words to reach a simple body of hope.
I write of these lullabies
The love of special friends
Lost loves of twilights
To reach a new day new horizons so maybe it will not be so hard to find
If I could do anything, silly or funny I would want to dream the many lullabies of you...

 Deborah Brooks Langford @
All Rights Reserved by both Authors
November 4, 2017